You’ve come to us because you’ve just encountered a tragedy – and for that, we are truly sorry. But our team stands ready to assist you and provide you with the confidence you need to move forward.

Every call to PRIMUS is answered by a personable and professional team member – you will never have to leave a voicemail. We are trained to listen carefully and ask the right questions to fully understand your temporary housing needs. If you have pets – furry, feathered or scaled – we will find a home that meets their unique care requirements. Families with special needs will receive suitable and comfortable accommodations as well.

After you are settled into your temporary home, PRIMUS doesn’t simply leave. We dedicate at least one individual to care for you and your family members during your entire transition process. You will receive phone numbers and emails to reach a PRIMUS contact at any time, day or night. And we will provide you with instructions on how to properly care for your temporary home, leaving no room for anxiety regarding proper maintenance.

Put our experience to work. It is our honor to serve you and your family,
no matter what your housing needs may be.