About Us

What We Do

PRIMUS Temporary Housing provides emergency housing, temporary residential housing and handling for living expenses (ALE) coverage to families who have faced disaster. We are the first contact for insurance carriers as they work to handle housing claims for their policyholders, and we become the direct contact for families as they recover from their loss in a new environment.

Why We Care

At PRIMUS, we understand that losing a home can be one of the most unsettling experiences a family will ever face. We offer the reassurance that everything will be OK – and it will be, because we’re here to help. We will find your policyholder a temporary housing solution that is safe, convenient and comfortable. We will build your confidence – and your client’s trust – by answering every phone call and email, explaining in detail to your policyholder how the temporary housing process works and by standing by the family until they are able to return to their home. We will take care of your policyholder. That is our promise.